to Maryland's Bookmobile of Ballet!

We serve and honor the people of Maryland.



Just as a bookmobile brings books to people everywhere, Ballet Mobile brings beautiful ballet to unconventional locations. We combine movement, music, and mental imagery in ways that touch the heart and lift the spirits. We transform living rooms, hallways, atriums, and even kitchens into beautiful, interactive ballet experiences.

We are an educational and charitable performing arts company, and we are honored to serve our Community. We are proud of our Educational Division, Atelier de Ballet Classique!


If you would like to learn more about us or schedule a house call, write info@balletmobile.org, or call us at 410-382-1377. We bring healing magic with us and leave it with you and those you love most. 



Ballet Mobile's theatre is wherever we dance, and we make house calls, not curtain calls. You can best understand what we do by reading what people have said about us. Here are some recent comments. Our Community page has more.

Sat, 4/12/14 - Morningside Ellicott City - Springtime Ballet

"Remember that we are all here waiting for you to come back and make this magic happen." "You helped me keep hanging in there. I love you all so much." "You make me feel special, and that's a feeling I haven't had for a long time."

And, from the Activities Director: "It is always great to have you here." From a staff member: "We will do anything for you. They love it when you're here, so we love you, too."

Sun, 3/30/14 - Autumn of Bel Air - No Foolin' Spring Ballet

"You made me feel young again." "Today touched me so much that I am crying - the beautiful music, the dancing, the flowers. I remembered happiness because you brought it here." "Please come back. I will be waiting for you." "This brought back so many memories." "You all are wonderful. What you do is so special."

Sun, 3/23/14 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Springtime Ballet

"You all are the embodiment of all that is heavenly." "You bring such life to this place!" "I had the most wonderful time." "I felt that I was dancing right up there with you." "You had us all singing and dancing today - and remembering some very happy times." "You bring the spirit of beauty into physical matter."

Mon, 3/10/14 - Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Residence

"I enjoyed every minute of this." "You explained so much to us about ballet; I loved it." "This was a spiritual experience." "Susan is so gifted. She took us with her in her dancing." "This is a great thing you do." And from the Activities Director: "You brought a great deal of joy to the Sisters today."


Sun, 3/9/14 - Brighton Gardens - Daylight Savings Time Ballet

"WOW!" "This was the best program I have ever seen. I loved it, and I love you, and I keep all my flowers close to me." "You all look ready to fly, and you make us feel that we can fly, too." "You bring us so much energy and love." "I don't have the words to tell you what you put back in my heart."

Sun, 3/2/14 - A Ballet Evening - Emeritus Pikesville

"I was not going to stay for more than ten minutes, but here I have sat for the entire evening. I didn't want to miss a thing." "You gave me back such beautiful memories. Look! I'm laughing!" "This was the shortest hour I've lived through in a long time." "This was really something." "What you bring us is so elegant." "You heal people."

Sun, 1/5/14 - A New Year's Nutcracker - Rock Spring Village

"I felt like I was part of your show, and I will never forget it." "What you did with this gorgeous music was a miracle." "I will feel this tremendous energy for a long time." "This was the most inspiring thing I have ever seen." And from a Staff Member: "What you did for these people was unbelievable."

Sat, 1/4/14 - A New Year's Nutcracker - North Arundel H&R

"You couldn't pay me enough money not to come to your performances." "You told us to remember our dreams. I'm going to start singing again." "This made my heart go to mush." "This gave me hope." "Can you come every week?"



Everyone in Ballet Mobile has one goal: to help people feel happier. We have made many new friends since our June, 2010 founding. Our schedule is dynamic and growing. Enjoy our scrapbooks, and feel the joy of movement with us.


House Calls to Date


Community Centers and Events

Howard County's WOMENFEST, Howard County's 50+ Expo, The Bain Center, Easter Seals of Baltimore, Elkridge Senior Center, Glenwood Community Center, Longwood Senior Center, North Laurel 50+ Center, Side by Side, Special Girl Scout Nutcracker, Waldorf Senior Center


Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital, Arlington West Nursing and Rehab Center, Brooke Grove Nursing Center and Rehab; The Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Springfield Hospital Center, the Mid-Eastern Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation, North Arundel Health and Rehab



Hammond Middle School, Patuxent Valley Middle School, Veterans Elementary School


Assisted Living Centers

Autumn Assisted Living of Bel Air; Brighton Gardens of Columbia; Brooke Grove Assisted Living; Edenwald; Emeritus of Pikesville; Encore at Turf Valley; Harmony Hall of Columbia; Heartlands of Ellicott City and Severna Park; Homecrest of Silver Spring; Lorien of Bel Air and Columbia; Morningside House of Ellicott City, Laurel, and St. Charles in Waldorf; Rock Spring Village; Shangri La of Ellicott City; Somerford Place; Springhouse of Pikesville; St. Martin's Home, Sunrise of Annapolis, Columbia, Pikesville, and Silver Spring; Vantage House

Other Residences

Selborne House, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Villa Julie Residence



We would love to hear from you.


General Email:        info@balletmobile.org


Your Thoughts: feedback@balletmobile.org 


Phone: 410-382-1377


Experience how music, movement, and mental imagery can improve your spirits and health - and the spirits and health of those you love most.